Date : 18 / Sep / 2019
Address : September 18-19, 10 am - 2 pm and 3:30-5:30 pm
200 EURO


Polička, Česká republika

SumakoKosekiis a Japanese dancer and choreographer who has studied traditional Japanese art and butoh.  Her teachers include Tadashi Suzuki, Isso Miura and Kazuo Ohno. At the University of Tokyo she studied eastern and western philosophy and psychology. She has worked with many prominent artists (Grotowski, Barba, Leotard, Adrien and others). SumakoKoseki teaches theater art, performance and butoh dance in Japan and has also performed in Europe for many years.


In addition to butoh dance, her training method is based on old Japanese theater techniques and martial arts, an important component of which is conscious work with chi, our vital energy, and breathing to deepen our perceptiveness. Sumako refers to butoh dance as “dancing on the edge”, when expression and movement arise from a state of urgency, distress and necessity. Like a samurai or animal in pressing situations, the body is able to react immediately without logical thought. The empty (dead) body is a key concept for Sumako. In a depersonalized state, the dancer can evoke archaic memories encoded in our “reptile brain” or “DNA”. In unmediated dance we may encounter chaos and the shadows of our subconscious, but we do not remain there. By opening the fertile field of collective memory we can share deep emotions with the public.


“As far as butoh is concerned, there is a lot of misunderstanding – it tends to be viewed as a dance of spectral apparitions, something frightening etc. But butoh is about seeking light in darkness, so that the light can be seen more clearly in the darkness.” (SumakoKoseki)

Workshops are held in parallel. Please choose one that you would like to attend.


Price: 200 EURO

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*Price includes one of the four main workshops, accommodation and meals from September 17 – 22 and free admission to all festival performances. Attention students! You may be eligible to receive a contribution from your school towards the workshop fee. All workshops are in English.