Date : 18 / Sep / 2019
Address : September 18-20, 10 am – 2 pm
200 EURO


Polička, Česká republika

Wolfram Bodecker and Alexander Neander were students and assistants of the legendary mime Marcel Marceau, with whom they worked up to the end of his career. They have become the torchbearers of his style, which they have maintained at a high level thanks to their artistry and elegance. They have performed their pantomime art and spread the legacy of their teacher in more than thirty countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.


In the workshop, these two close collaborators of Marcel Marceau will introduce the spirit, dramaturgy and techniques of Marceau pantomime.The workshop will help participants develop their stage expression, expand their horizons with additional tools and will involve individual and group improvisation on contemporary topics. The art of pantomime embodies the essence of theater. Each movement arises based on a thought that must be comprehensible for the viewer to evoke emotions and images in his or her mind. Simplicity and purity are the source of this art that speaks without words.


“Even in everyday life we communicate through our stance, our gaze, the rhythm of our movements and breathing. Recognizing and becoming sensitive to these signals is one aspect of our workshop. In our etudes and scenes we aim to complement movement with breathing, and thus also spirit and content.“(Bodecker& Neander)

Workshops are held in parallel. Please choose one that you would like to attend.


Price: 200 EURO

Reservations: mimefest.workshop@gmail.com

Contact person: Simona Cacková, tel.: +420 737 536 975


*Price includes one of the four main workshops, accommodation and meals from September 17 – 22 and free admission to all festival performances. Attention students! You may be eligible to receive a contribution from your school towards the workshop fee. All workshops are in English.