Date : 18 / Sep / 2019
Address : September 18-20, 10 am – 2 pm
200 EURO


Polička, Česká republika

Carlos Diaz Leon is a Chilean actor, director and educator. He has taught acting since 2000, is a professor at the University ofDesarrolo in Santiago and for the past three years has headed the largest drama institute in Chile. He has also worked on several stagings at the Chilean National Theater and is a famous film actor in his homeland. Internationally, he has worked as a director and his credits include “Fuente Ovejuna” or “Women Riding in the Sand” at the NYU Arts Center in Abu Dhabi. He studied the Lecoque method in Barcelona and later in Paris, where he worked with Christoph Marchand. Carlos Diaz Leon has devoted over 15 years to Neutral Mask. His workshops have been given at Binghamton University or New York University inManhattan and in Abu Dhabi.


The goal of the workshop is to help students develop new manners of dramatic expression through movement and the human form by using a neutral mask as a way of expressing the inner values of the character. The course includes physical training, movement improvisation, and ways torecognize masks and their means of expression. At the conclusion of the workshop each participant should be able to use physical means to create the personality of a character.


“Neutral mask trains one to act with self-confidence on stage and helps us understand life around us.”(Carlos Diaz Leon)

Workshops are held in parallel. Please choose one that you would like to attend.


Price: 200 EURO

Reservations: mimefest.workshop@gmail.com

Contact person: Simona Cacková, tel.: +420 737 536 975


*Price includes one of the four main workshops, accommodation and meals from September 17 – 22 and free admission to all festival performances. Attention students! You may be eligible to receive a contribution from your school towards the workshop fee. All workshops are in English.