Date : 16 / Sep / 2017
Time : 21:30
On Sale 70 Kč


Theater Club


Allstar Refugee Band is a group of musicians of different nationalities, religion, social and political views. The goal is to open the topics related to migration and to point out specific problems in original musical way. Lively, self-ironic and sincere reflection of life in Czech Republic through the eyes of incoming foreigner.

The group combines Kurdish folk and pop music with East-European accordeon, Chinese opera, Swiss folk songs from the hills and cabarets, dixieland, brass, rap and other genres.

Playing: Philipp Schenker, Cécile Da Costa, Miran Kasem, Gugar Manukjan, Philipp Leforestier, Kryštof Verner, Lukáš Mičko, Adrian Ševeček, Tomáš Hendrych, Evžen Zdráhal

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