Date : 12 / Sep / 2017
Time : 11:00
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Tyl Theater

Bodecker&Neander were students and later assistants of the legendary mime Marcel Marceau. They worked with him closely right up to his very last curtain call. With elegance and artistic excellence in their own right, they are keeping the mime art and legacy of M. Marceau alive to this day. They have performed in more than thirty countries in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

Déjà vu? presents entirely new episodes in the lives of two tragicomic figures. Visually rivetting, entertaining and full of emotion, these characters give audiences the chance to experience true mastery in the field of contemporary mime.

Performing: Wolfram von Bodecker a Alexander Neander

Director: Lionel Ménard

Light design: Werner Wallner

Costumes: Sigrid Herfurth

Assistant: Lukas Besuch

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