Date : 20 / Sep / 2018
Time : 21:00
(SOLD OUT) Entrance 120 Kč / 100 Kč (Entrance for both evening performances: 270 Kč / 220 Kč)


Theatre Club

„When darkness comes to Goršek“

Can you imagine, what is it like to be in one room for one year with one person? What about two years? Or ten? Let us say hundred years? Or what about eternity? And what if that person is your brother?

A show of ŠimonPliska and Andrej Lyga tells a legend about two brothers from a mythical Goršek hills. It is a performance for two actors and two masks, which on one stage shows a tragicomedy full of love and hate, cruelty and friendship, but most of all – cabin fever. Both absurdity and purpose of life is something Goršek brothers know well. Come to the performance and soon you will know too!

Devising show of the students of Nonverbal theatre department of HAMU in Prague.

Director and music: William Valerián

Masks: Rufina Bazlová, Viktorie Drdová

Supervision: Roman Horák

Performers: Šimon Pliska, Andrej Lyga

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