Date : 19 / Sep / 2018
Time : 19:30
Entrance 150 Kč / 120 Kč (Entrance for both evening performances: 250 Kč / 200Kč )

MimoArt Company (FIN): BODY NOTES

Tyl Theatre

The company and their debut piece is a new and fresh opening in a Finnish professional dance and a physical theatre field. Establishing interfaces among different genres and forms of art, this all‑encompassing piece takes the viewer into a visual and physical world – to the fine lines that separate the grotesque, the beautiful, and the comical. The work operates in the terrain of contemporary dance, butoh, physical mime and new clownery with each one commenting on the others. The ensemble’s language of movement places its trust in the present moment, improvisation, and the performer’s art that originates in the persona of each individual.

Body Notes has its foundation in the dialogue of the arts. That manifests itself in improvisational play as well as in the seamless collaboration of movement, visual aspects, and the soundscape: none can exist … without the other.

Concept, director and choreographer: Mimosa Lindahl

Performers/creative team: Saska Pulkkinen, Miro Lopperi, Sergio Castrillón, Marko Pakarinen, Mikael Kuosmanen, Jaakko Autio, ViljamiLehtonen, Ilmari Karhu, Arto-Oskar Reunanen

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