Date : 16 / Sep / 2017
Time : 15:00
On Sale free entrance


Palacky Square

A fire-fighting unit awakes to the celebrations of its 120th anniversary. It consists of three voluntary firemen, who love their work and remain on constant and selfless guard. As bad luck would have it, however, their station has long since been forgotten by everyone, since 32 years have passed since it last went into action – no fires, no floods, no kittens high up trees, no nothing. And still they don’t give up, working out, rolling and unrolling their hoses, ready for sacrifice if anyone should need one.

Rest assured that Bom, Be and Ros are always on standby. Will they be able to prove that they still know how to extinguish fires and climb unfathomable heights to save your cat… or you?

Concept and performing: Robert Janč, Roman Horák a Lukáš Houdek

Scene and costumes: Lucia Škandíková

Music: Jan Kyncl and Jazoo

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