Date : 18 / Sep / 2019
Time : 08:30 a 10:00
Address : Performance for kindergartens
admission: 60,- Kč


Theatre club

Adyno is a clown who has escaped from a famous circus and embarked on a journey to become a musician. He has traveled all over the world with his trumpet and discovered many things that you can not only play on, but also juggle or balance. He will show us without speaking a single word. He doesn’t even need words since he communicates with his body, gestures and facial expressions. At the end you’ll see the grand finale, and the long sought reward for a “great” musician.

Adrián Ohrádka is a Slovak mime, clown and comedian whose primary goal is to entertain the audience. In The Clown Musician he invites children from the audience to join him in a symbolic mini circus ring where together they discover the magic of all kinds of tones and sounds.


Written and directed by: Adrián Ohrádka

Performed by: Adrián Ohrádka