Date : 19 / Sep / 2019
Time : 19:30
admission: 150/120,- Kč / Admission for both evening performances: 250/200,- Kč


Tyl Theatre

School years, first loves,  youthful exuberance and plans for the future. A life full of colors spurred by the irresistable desire to conquer the world. The story of classmates whose lives are cruelly affected by war. Everything is suddenly violently interrupted. The game has no winner, the joke has no point, the song is missing the last verse. Hope of fulfilling one’s dreams lives on only because of strong will and persistence. And also because of art, which despite tragic history, death and adversity prevails over forgetting. This performance was originally going to be called Class, but the authors eventually settled on the title of Marcel as a tribute to the legendary figure of 20th century pantomime Marcel Marceau.

The Warsaw Mime Center Company is one of the most distinctive ensembles in Polish mime theater. Their work shows that even after such a long tradition, pantomime can often be a great artistic discovery for audiences today.



Written and directed by: Lionel Menard

Music: Franck Gervais

Light: Jędrzej Skajster

Set design and costumes: Karolina Szaturska, Małgorzata Kupiec-Sporzyńska, Agnieszka Magiera

Performers: Ewelina Grzechnik, Paulina Staniaszek, Paulina Szczęsna, Wojciech Rotowski,

Ireneusz Wojaczek, Bartłomiej Ostapczuk