Date : 19 / Sep / 2018
Time : each day 10 - 14
250 EUR


Polička, Česká republika

Workshop concentrated on the work with our body: a research of paths and stimuli to use movement as the main source of dramatic creation. We will work on tuning our body and developing it ́s expressive and communicative potential. The goal is to reach sensitive and articulated body in time, in space and in thought; a body alert and prepared to fulfill the demands of the dramatic moment. A body connected to the artist ́s imagination in order to invent and tell stories.

Actor, mime and theatre director Pau Bachero trained at several schools: International School of Corporal Mime in Barcelona, Central School of Speech and Drama in London and L’École du Mime in Montreal. He performed in such companies as Théâtre du Mouvement, Omnibus, Agrupación Sr Serrano in Barcelona, and Res de Res in Mallorca, played and lectured in many countries of Europe and South America. As a teacher Pau attends actors and performers, who use movement as the main source of dramatic creation.

Worskshops are running paralelly. Therefore you can choose only one for this festival.

Date and time:            19th to 21st September 2018 , each day 10:00 – 14:00

Price*:                        250 EUR

*The price includes one of three main workshops, bonus workshop, accomodation and food from 18th to 22nd September, and free entrance to all festival performances. We advise all student participants, that you can ask your school for a donation for these workshops.

Festival takes place from 18th to 22nd of September.