Workshops 2021

All workshopsare held at the same time.  Please choose one that you would like to participate in.

Price: 5 000,- Kč / 200 Euro *


Contact person: Simona Cacková, tel.: +420 737 536 975

*The price includes one of the three main workshops, along with room and board from September 22nd to 25th and free admission to all festival performances. We would like to remind students to apply at their respective schools for a contribution towards the workshop fee.

All workshops are held in English.


Gaga is a movement language developed over the years by Ohad Naharin, in parallel with his work as choreographer and artistic director of the Bathseva Dance Company. Gaga’s language is based on a belief in healing, dynamics, and the ever-changing power of movement. Instructors will lead participants through a series of evocative routines that gradually build upon one another. Instead of copying a certain movement, each participant is encouraged to actively explore the given instructions to find their own interpretation of the information and adapt it to the task. Gaga/people provides a creative framework for participants to connect with their own body and imagination, increase awareness of their own physicality, improve flexibility and endurance, and experience the joy of physical movement in a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

Nataša Novotná is a Czech dancer, choreographer and teacher. She has worked in the Dutch Nederlands Dans Theater and the Swedish Göteborgs Operan Ballet. After a decade abroad, she launched her own independent career. In Prague she co-founded 420people, a contemporary dance company. Here, she was executive director, dancer and choreographer for nearly another ten years.Then she established the Kylian Foundation in Prague, which is supported by the Kylian Foundation in the Netherlands. She has taught at conservatories, universities and theater companies both at home and abroad. In 2017 she became the first and so far only person in the Czech Republic to teach the Gaga movement language developed in Israel by Ohad Naharin.  She has received numerous awards for her work on stage, including the prestigious Thálie Award and the Dancer of the Year Award.



Would you like to spend an hour talking about theater mask? No! Not that. Let’s discuss the phenomenon of theatrical masks physically.Together we will embark on a journey of discovery with masks. What do mask and object mean, mask as object and object as mask? Can the relationship between an object and mask provide the impulse for play, creativity and theater? Sixty minutes full of movement, etudes, sketches and interesting fun theory.


This mask acting workshop will acquaint participants with three basic types of full facial masks: neutral, larval and expressive. Participants will physically prepare in relation to the individual type of mask, and the techniques and principles of performing with a mask. In the teaching of Jacques Lecoq, a neutral mask is a mask of all masks that enables us to feel and realize absolute presence and notice movement stereotypes. A larval mask motivates its wearer to playfully discover the world using a specific stylized manner of movement. With an expressive mask comes the discovery of a “contra-mask”, which has the potential to oscillate between a stage and dramatic character, between behavior and action. Hana Strejčková studied physical theater and masks at the International Theater School of Jacques Lecoq in Paris and is a graduate of the scenography atelier of Pascale Lecoq – the Laboratory of Movement Research. She also graduated from DAMU in Prague, majoring in dramaturgy at the Department of Drama Theater. She is currently a doctoral student and a teacher at the Department of Nonverbal Theater at HAMU.


This workshop examines the balance between concepts such as instinct vs. intellect, spontaneity vs. discipline, or freedom vs. repression. We will use a purely physical approach (free play/improvisation) to explore and question these opposing ideas to see how large, complex art forms are shaped and altered through immediate inspiration. During the process we will experience free play as a spontaneously organizing system that asks questions about its own identity and provides answers without imposing any presumed purpose. This creative approach offers participants a playground where the structure is created by improvisation and vice versa. Jiří Pokorný began his career with the LaternaMagika Company. After three seasons he successfully tried out for the Netherlands Dans Theater and became a member of this internationally acclaimed Dutch company in the Hague. During his engagement there (2003–2010) he worked with renowned dance creators such as Jiří Kylián, Mats Ek, Hans van Manen, Ohad Naharin and many others. After seven years at NDT, Jiří became a member of the Kidd Pivot Company under the guidance of Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite. He finished his dance career as a performer here, and is now an independent artist focusing on choreography and teaching dance.