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Filip Hajduk

Filip Hajduk – actor, juggler, clown and particular professional comedian. In his production he uses juggling and balancing various objects (bottles, caps, chairs, benches) on the nose, chin and ear, and even elbows and tongue!

Filip Hajduk – 27 Vagonov bavlny

Name of the organization in its native language: KAUKLIAR o.z.
Name of the organization in English: KUKLIAR o.z.
Address: Gen.Svobodu 700/25, Svidník, 08901, SK SK
Statutory representative: Filip Hajduk
BIN: 42420121 Registered VAT payer: no



Fundacja Pantomima

The Pantomima Foundation was established in 2011 in Wrocław, Poland by a group of enthusiasts, practitioners and theorists of mime and other forms of physical theatre where the body plays a pivotal role. It was set up in order to build bridges between practice and theory and to successfully support, initiate and document artistic, academic and educational activities.

Name of the organization in its native language: Fundacja pantomima
Name of the organization in English: Fundacja pantomima
Address: ul.Legnicka 65, Wroclaw 54-206,Poland, 54-206, PL PL
Statutory representative: Katarzyna Luczynska
BIN: 0000403947 Registered VAT payer: no



Lengyel Katalin

Katalin Lengyel is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and curator. Before dealing with dance professionally she studied literature and linguistics at the University of Szeged where she received an MA degree. After finishing a 3-year study at the contemporary dance university in Linz, Austria, where she studied contemporary dance, classical ballet and pedagogy, she became a resident artist for one year at the Daghdha Mentoring Program in Ireland and won twice the danceWEB Europe Award in 2008 and in 2011. Since 2008 she has been member of the international dance artists‘ collective: ‚Embassy of‘. In 2010 she established the art campaign ‚Respect Art‘ and she is the initiator and artistic director of Frissek Minifestival that aims to show the newest works of emerging artists from every artistic discipline. In 2013 she became member of the L1 Association and started the artistic collaboration with Szabolcs Tóth-Zs. under the name of BANDART Productions.

Name of the organization in its native language: Bandart production
Name of the organization in English: Bandart production
Address: Kaplár utca 10/B, Budapest , 1024, HU HU
Statutory representative: Katalin Lengyel
BIN: HU67137273 Registered VAT payer: yes



Mime Prague z.s.

Mime Prague is one of the top Czech mime groups, including its head, reknown Czech mime Radim Vizváry.

Name of the organization in its native language: MIME PRAGUE z.s.
Name of the organization in English: MIME PRAGUE z.s.
Address: Nuselská 785/80, Praha , 140 00, CZ CZ
Statutory representative: Mgr. radim Vizváry Phd
BIN: 029 14 379 Registered VAT payer: no