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About festival

MIME FEST is an international festival of mime theater involving the cooperation of foreign festivals, schools and major institutions in the field of mime art. It presents their work in a broader European context and creates new opportunities for artists to meet. The selection of performers focuses on professional artists and a broad range of forms of mime theater. Considerable attention is devoted to the younger generation and educational activities – workshops and seminars led by professionals intended for both students of the performing arts and the public. Because of this, MIME FEST has become a unique platform providing an expansive view of the current state of contemporary pantomime throughout the world.

The festival was first held in September of 2012 in Polička with roughly 1,500 people in attendance over 4 days. Following the great initial success, the festival expanded to seven days in its second year and was visited by about 3,000 people. In 2014, the festival added performances in Prague bringing the total number of viewers to nearly 4,000, repeating the same success in 2015. Over the four years of its existence, festival workshops have been attended by over 250 students of the performing arts and more than 200 artists from fifteen different countries (USA, Egypt, Ecuador, Germany, Finland, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Georgia, Russia, Malaysia and the Czech Republic).

This year’s festival will be held September 12th-17th, 2016 in Polička and will feature performers from other countries such as India – MIME FEST presents world-renowned artists who have yet to perform in the Czech Republic.

In just a few years, the organizers of MIME FEST have succeeded in creating a festival which this year was awarded the prestigious EFFE quality label, confirming the festival’s commitment to excellence