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BRATŘI V TRI(C)KU (CZ) – TRICK BROTHERS: Cabinet of Juggling Curiosities

Performance for schools
You can order the school performance by email: or phone number 731 462 824 (Petra Jílková, production).

9/21 at 10 am – Tyl Theater, entrance: 100 CZK

Interactive performance blurring the lines between theater, new circus, stand-up comedy and scientific lecture.

The Cabinet of Juggling Curiosities is a systematic juggling excursion into the depths and mysteries of manipulating objects. Here, myths, facts, arguments and unexpected relationships are examined.

Have you ever been interested in the various kinds of objects people have managed to juggle and how many? Did you know that the first mention of juggling dates from a 4,000-year-old wall painting in Egypt? Or that Leonardo da Vinci was an accomplished juggler? And that an hour of juggling burns 280 calories, which is about as much as if playing badminton? Or that juggling has remarkable impacts on brain structure and that there are mathematical formulas which describe juggling? And, last but not least, that the universe is de facto a fascinating juggler’s trick? And what about juggling and theology? Or juggling and You!?

The Trick Brothers performance aims to introduce the audience in a personal and interactive way to the history and background of juggling as a unique movement activity and circus discipline. You can look forward to revealing demonstrations, reconstructions of forgotten juggling techniques and aids, as well as video demonstrations and electronic pen analysis.

Performers: Adam Jarchovský, Václav Jelínek
Producer: ART Prometheus, Michaela Holbíková