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Workshops 2022


Wednesday 14. 9. – Friday 16. 9. 10:00 – 14:00


Wednesday 14. 9. – Friday 16. 9. 10:00 – 14:00

Workshops run in parallel. Therefore, choose just one in which you would like to participate.


Contact person: Eliška Doubková, tel.: +420 721 470 471

*Price includes one of the main workshops, accommodation and meals from September 13 th to 18 th , and free admission to all festival performances

All workshops will be held in English.

Detailed description of workshops:

1. The Body of a Clown

The workshop will focus on training the body to be available, sensitive, precise and present. We will work on physical, comic and poetic creation, along with two basic elements of performance – precision of movement and decisiveness. A clown may become an enormous tree, solid and present, or perhaps of a leaf that falls from that tree in absolute silence. Hands, like the face, can provide the public a wealth of information. We must train and control both so that they easily reflect our inner world. Together, let us become clowns for whom the body is the sole means of expression. This journey will take us into unknown places of our inner selves and reveal new emotions. The universe manifests through our bodies, so they must be properly prepared. Who knows, perhaps tomorrow we will have to become birds and fly away.

Agustín Catriel

Agustín Catriel started out as a juggler and clown.  He later studied pantomime at Escobar and Lerchundi Mime & Theatre School. He has taken drama and acting classes under Guillermo Angelelli, Gonzalo Rodolico, Julia Muzio, Jorge Costa, Gabriel Chame, Toto Castiñeiras and Marcelo Savignone. He has also studied various styles of dance under Silvina Duna, Alejandra Diaz, Federico Moreno (contemporary dance), Liliana Cepeda (ballet) and Rhea Volij (butoh dance). In 2012 he became a founding member of the Los Tarantela theater company and from 2015 – 2018 he traveled throughout Europe, performing in Cirque Starlight in Switzerland and in Martin Handson’s WinterCircus in Holland. In 2013, he premiered his one-man show Ruedos in Buenos Aires and then went on to perform it at several festivals around the world. As an actor he has appeared in several plays: Othello, Mockinpot, La suerte de la Sú. He also directed the plays Povorot (2018), Mortajas (2019) and Ciertas Petunias (2022).

2. Flow Arts Movement workshop

Flow arts is a new movement discipline concentrating on flowing movement that often incorporates items used in juggling, circus and Eastern martial arts. But it’s not just about manipulating objects – Flow arts explores movement and dance based on circular geometry, the planes and kinetic properties of static objects, and the imagination. In the workshop we will explore various movement techniques that will significantly improve our coordination and place the entire body in a single “flow”. We will also get into topics such as stage performance and presentation.

During the workshop you will try your hand at dancing with poles, poi and swords commonly used in fire shows and performance arts, and you will enrich your movement arsenal with elements that can be used in other forms of dance or performance. If you are especially drawn to working with a particular item, it will be possible to explore various techniques and learn multiple movements. However, the primary aim of the workshop is to explore the principles and methods for working in these disciplines rather than learning tricks.  

All the equipment required for this workshop will be provided, meaning that you don’t need anything beyond the desire to learn new things. If so desired, equipment can also be purchased.

Vojta Stolbenko

Vojta has dedicated himself to flow arts, acrobatics and juggling since he was thirteen. As a professional, multi-talented performer he has appeared in hundreds of shows, especially abroad, either solo or along with a number of other performers and acts. His style is based on a combination of movement, advanced juggling and “object manipulation” techniques. As a trained musician (Jaroslav Ježek conservatory) he also incorporates music and musical effects into his performances. Along with performing, he teaches professionally – in addition to workshops, he also organizes a number of retreats and seminars, and also works as a choreographer.

Tom Hora

Tom is deeply interested in the combination of flow arts and fire shows with Eastern movement arts such as Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. He has devoted himself to these disciplines for over twenty years, during that time mastering unique movement techniques based on the principles of these disciplines, but of course translated into forms that can be used in fire shows and other movement art performances. His style of flow arts and work with movement dynamics is also heavily influenced by the staff spinning techniques of Banethi, which he studied in India. He has performed hundreds of times with his group Pa-li-tchi, and with numerous other artists and groups. For several years he has led a Fire Art and Acrobatics course at the Cirqueon center for new circus in Prague. Recently, in addition to fire art courses he has also been teaching Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu at workshops and retreats.