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RAJČE A OKURKA (Tomato and Cucumber) (CZ): IN THE FRIDGE

September 16th at 9 pm and September 17th at 10 am

Divadelní klub_Theatre Club, vstupné_admission: 120,-/100,- Kč respektive 60,- Kč

Absurd minimalist slapstick without words. The botanical-psychological public is shocked by a unique discovery by a small group of scientists. Researchers have altered living organisms in ways nature never intended. After inserting animal DNA into vegetables, they surprisingly found that common vegetables exhibit basic emotions and motor functions, even when stored normally at home. Did you know that there is life in your fridge? The first demonstration of this phenomenon will be given during this public exhibition of Tomato and Cucumber In The Fridge.

Creative team: Kateřina Janečková, Matěj Kohout
Sound: Stanislav Halbrštát

Lighting: Jiří Šmirk, Stanislav Halbrštát

Costumes: Zuzana Němcová