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September 17th at 7 pm

Tylův dům_Tyl Theatre, vstupné_admission: 200,-/150,- Kč

During a single night an incorrigible theatre lover and notorious amateur Thespian presents every genre a connoisseur of the stage arts could hope to see – opera, western, ballet and horror. There is even a magnus opus from the king of illusions. A grand performance comes to life before the audience’s very eyes. Genres, roles and costumes fly by like an assembly line and our hero doesn’t even have time to notice that it is mainly he himself who is imprisoned in this world of illusion.

With this one-man cabaret by Vojta Švejda, the Wariot Ideal company returns to its roots and the success of previous solo clown shows Bliss and Albert is Afraid. Their new work, however, does not merely return to modern pantomime or clowning, but stubbornly creates an eclectic mix of all stage disciplines. Here, Vojta Švejda presents the classic anti-hero, who in bedraggled settings attempts to create sublime theatre, no matter what the cost.

Performed by: Vojta Švejda
Director: Petr Forman
Music: Jan Kalivoda
Lighting: Jan Dőrner
Production: Milena Dőrnerová
Technical collaboration: Petr Horký and Jan Niesyt
Artistic collaboration: Josef Sodomka
Costume design: Lenka Polášková, created in the LenMi workshop
Poster graphics: Štěpán Malovec
Poster photo: Jana Láberová and Bohouš Pospíšil
PR: Eliška Míkovcová

Special thanks: Matěj Forman, Veronika Švábová