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Debris Company (SK): WOW

22. 9. at 19:00

Tyl Theater, admission: 150/120 CZK

Has the flood happened yet? World and human history is one of shocks. Great falls and calamities do not mark the end of history, but rather set changes in motion. A boat sails the stormy seas, sinks, but then re-emerges. The situation we find ourselves in today is similar to the dawn of history. What previously seemed like the way now appears to be a wrong turn. The essence of being is growing increasingly distant from true knowledge.  Life is in denial of itself. Consumer society, self-admiration and worship of power, competitiveness and the constant changes called fluidity have culminated in a 21st century of WOW!

This performance is not suitable for epileptics.

Performers: Daniel Raček, Stanislava Vlčeková, Andrea Luptáková

Conceived and directed by: Jozef Vlk

Choreography: Stanislava Vlčeková

Text: Eugen Gindl

Video art: Alex Zelina

Art and lighting design: Ján Ptačin

Costumes: Katarína Holková

Music: Jozef Vlk

Dramaturgy: Dáša Čiripová

Whispering: Braňo Mosný

Technical collaboration: Jozef Čabo Production: Martina Širáňová