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9/23 at 3 pm, Theater Club, entrance: 120 CZK

Cirkusárium is a puppet show created in honor of those traveling puppeteers who boldly set off with their puppets to the most distant of places. They would often create trick puppets that could amaze many a foreign audience with their movements and antics. And it is precisely such tricks that Cirkusárium strives to revive!

“Hear ye, hear ye, the world’s smallest animal circus variety show is coming to your town. This circus is unique in that there are no human performers, every act features animal tricks. Don’t miss out, we may not be back this way again and every act is a novelty. Come one come all, big and small!”

Cirkusárium is also dedicated to all endangered species, because every creature on this planet is exceptional and irreplaceable.

Creative team:
Puppets: Tomáš Běhal
Prepared and performed by: Tomáš Podrazil and Tomáš Běhal