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MATĚJ PETRÁK (CZ): Memento mori

9/21 at 8:30 pm, Theater Club, entrance: 200/150 CZK

Dead pantomime…
Is pantomime really dead? Slapstick horror and humor for the stout of heart.
A lonely creature. Too strange for the living and too lively for the dead.

Waiting. Until the clock strikes. For you too.
Is he alive? Or is he simply watching himself from above, eking out the last of his days?

The gravedigger’s story reveals the predestination and fickleness of man’s fate, and our inability to reverse the course of any of this. Sarcasm and hyperbole go hand in hand with lyrical pantomime. The language of the body is used to recount those critical moments in one’s life that are most cruel. The Sisyphean work of gravedigger Azrael is a sitcom in chains that puts a smile on your face while the humor cuts to the bone. 

Written, directed and performed by: Matěj Petrák
Supervisor: Roman Horák
Music: Ivo Sedláček
This production was created as a graduate performance of the HAMU Non-Verbal Theater Department.

Recommended age: 15+