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9/21 at 7 pm – Tyl Theater, entrance: 300/250 CZK

Is rebellion the only possible way to confront a suffocating lack of freedom?

Ballerinas is a multi-media project that takes an abstract dive into the soul of a girl fighting to keep her identity in the face of an oppressive, dogmatic system. In a production full of bizarre and dark humor, live music, rhythmical texts and physical expression, we watch her struggle with blind obedience, self-destructive impulses and the fear of not achieving her goals. All against a backdrop of surreal images and items representing the universal phenomena of manipulation and terror. Ballerinas is the story of all those who refuse to be tamed dancing bears. To be a product of the system. An efficient cog not allowed to break down, deviate, or even excel too much. State, system, institution, school, education, employer. They all want to have “perfect” employees, producing docile and safe products – blind versions of themselves – wearing the same clothes and having the same mindset and same horizon of possibilities. In this story we see the butchered souls of little children with their identical uniforms, identical hair styles, identical treats and identical movements.

Conceived, directed and performed by: Miřenka Čechová
Live music: Mary C
Dramaturgy: Martina Kinská
Directing collaboration: Janka Ryšánek Schmiedtová
Acting collaboration: Tereza Dočkalová
Music: Martin Tvrdý
Light design: Filip Horn
Animation: Linda Arbanová
Video: Tereza Vejvodová
Costumes and props: Eva Matoušová
Set design: Petr Boháč and Eva Matoušová