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National Theater / Laterna magika (CZ): LANDSCAPE OF THE BODY

9/20 at 7 pm,  Tyl Theater, entrance: 350/300 CZK

A celebration of human life.

A visual movement poem that sings the praises of the human body, which is metaphorically viewed as a landscape. The performance highlights the beauty of this landscape, embracing its differences, spontaneity and fragility, while also finding vulnerability in its physical expression. It reveals an intimate dialogue between old age and youth, while elevating love and reciprocity. Grounded in mythology and ritual, it examines humanity’s sense of belonging in nature. It brings three generations to the stage, artists of disparate skills. It seeks to bridge genres, creating an art form astride the boundaries of theater and the visual arts. This gallery of corporeal images gives rise to individual stories. The journeys of human beings unfold before the viewer’s eyes, assuming various bodily forms that push our physical limits. As a poetic composition, the production combines mime, physical theater, classical dance and breakdancing with ground and aerial acrobatics and film technology.

Creative team:
Conceived, directed and choreographed by: Radim Vizváry
Dramaturgy, assistant director: Hana Strejčková
Music: Robert Jíša
Set: Lucie Škandíková
Costumes: Petra Vlachynská
Light design: Karel Šimek
Sound design: Jan Brambůrek
Rigging: Tomáš Pintér
Film director: Tereza Vejvodová
Director of photography: Antoan Pepelanov
Film producer: Jindřich Trčka
Masks: Adéla Anděla Bursová

Ballerinas: Zuzana Hrzalová/ Daniela Koutná
Old dancer: Josef Kotěšovský
Young dancer: Kristián Mensa
Mime: Matěj Petrák
Tightrope acrobat: Alžběta Tichá
Acrobat: Jindřich Panský
Aerial acrobat: Martina Illichová
Aerial acrobat: Lukáš Macháček
Contortionist: Khaliunsuren Narankhuu
Girl: Josefína Strejčková

WARNING: A strobe light is used during the performance.
This production is free of language barriers.
The show is suitable for viewers aged 12 and up.